Installation Instructions:

To make installation and using process more easy, please take a couple of moments: using case-depending style compilation seems to be a not nice idea. All compilation process is being in traditional OpenVMS style without /NAME=(AS_IS) keys. So please be patient. More, this port was done without external OpenVMS porting library aka "Jackets". Other libraries (SDL_Image, for example) still require some external libraries, like LIBJPEG, LIBTIFF, LIBPNG, etc. I will public all reqired packages if such things will be needed.

Installation process of LIBSDL:

-. Get LIBSDL source package from this site and unpack it into directory you like. Mine is DKA500:[GNU].

-. Execute .This procedure detects all environment and creats command file to build the library

-. Execute .After building process, it creats appropriate stratup file LIBSDL$STARTUP.COM. It should be called during boot process or from LOGIN.COM for each user.

-. Next, define in your a variable SDL_CDROM pointed to your CDROM device name in the same manner as described in original libsdl documentation. Mine is:

-. Completed compilation process provides a set of static *.olb and one shared SDL$SHR.EXE libraries, that can be accepted with LIBSDL:LIBSDL.OPT and LIBSDL:LIBSDL$SHR.OPT option files respectively. Please note, installation proccess requires privileges to write files into SYS$SHARE.

-. Things done. Now you may compile any test source like:


Installation other SDL libraries:

-. You should install LIBSDL.

-. Install addition libraries JPEG, TIFF, PNG, FREETYPE2 and so on from this site . Importent: please refer readme.vms file before each installation. Please note: you may have already installed such libraries from HP-GTK+ project. You cannot use it because they are compiled with /NAME=as_is option.

3. Get source of the library you wish, unpack it.

4. Execute @CONFIGURE then $BUILD commands. It should be warning-free, exclude some test applications like showfont.c

5. Execute @LIBSDL_XXX$STARTUP before using the library

6. All done. Compile an SDL application like following:

Some notes for SDL libraries:


Porting process is going on DEC 2000 model 300 (aka,"Jensen") running OpenVMS 7.3-1.
No joystick support is provided.

regards, Alexey Chupahin