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GTK+ 2.x.x is a modern multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces.
Offering a complete set of widgets, GTK+ is suitable for projects
ranging from small one-off projects to complete application suites.
I'm pretty excited to see this library on OpenVMS.
Previous very old branch named 1.2.x still available from HP Freeware, but it is depricated by GTK+ team.
To obtain latest sources of GTK+/VMS libraries, please visit download section .

This page devoted to GTK+ 2.x.x library set to OpenVMS porting process.
Porting process is going on very old DEC 2000 mod.300 called "Jensen"
with 21064 of 150MHz proccessor and 64MB of memory.
Please help me with newer hardware if you can.

Feel free to contact me:
Alexey Chupahin

    Project NEWS    

05-DEC-2006 Next library ATK is ready to download and test. It comes from latest atk 1.12.3 version.
GLIB and ATK will be built with DEBUG options for testers.

03-DEC-2006 Starting GTK-2+/OpenVMS Project.
GLIB-2 based on latest 2.12.4 version is ready.
Automatic configure procedure via CONFIGURE.COM is provided,
build process supports static and shareable libraries.
All tests seems to be worked on Alpha, including dynamic module tests.