Alexey Chupahin's OpenVMS Software Porting Page

Shot of Professional Experience

1992-1997 State Univercity, Mechanics and Mathematics faculty
1998-2004 Savings Bank department .
Developing, system managment of UNIX SCO, Linux system on x86 and Alpha Platform, including hardware and software installation, developing special banks utilities. OS security engeneer.
Development and porting software for DEC RT-11, DEC RSX-11M on PDP-11, Tru64, Linux on Alpha and study OpenVMS system for hobby.
2004-Current time, Ultra Ltd.
Vice-chief of system managment department. System managment, maintenance, software developing on Linux, FreeBSD platforms. Chief of successful migration process from Windows workstations to Linux in 2006, with thin clent technology.
Porting and developing free software on OpenVMS platform.

Alexey Chupahin offers customers with assistance,administration via remote control on issues such as
installation, configuration, software troubleshooting and feature/functionality for Alexey Chupahin's ported software.

Ported software catalogue: